Demand for digital transformation is exploding. Companies are remaking themselves as customer-centric and digital-first. And cloud computing is at the center of it all.

And yet, within the flurry of journalism and speculation about the tech companies vying to become the King of Cloud, one voice is consistently absent: the customer. That’s why I created the Cloud Wars series, which analyzes leading vendors from the perspective of business customers.

In each Cloud Wars Live episode, listeners will dive into analysis, insights, and a 20-min conversation with biz customers or cloud vendors about innovation, transformation, and the future of the technologies that are accelerating change in every corner of the world.

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I’ve analyzed the enterprise-tech business for more than 20 years as an editor-in-chief and chief content officer, and more recently as Chief Communications Officer at Oracle from 2012-2016. I’ve written thousands of articles and columns about business innovation, strategy, leadership, disruptive technology, digital transformation and cloud computing. In late 2016, I resigned from Oracle to launch my own company, Evans Strategic Communications, which helps businesses grow via thought leadership and innovative storytelling.

At the same time, I also launched the Cloud Wars franchise. It began with the Cloud Wars Top 10 ranking, a weekly update on how I think the top vendors measure up, and weekly articles sharing my insights and analysis of trends and other industry news.

I expanded Cloud Wars to a Newsletter earlier this year. You can subscribe to the twice-monthly free email right here for even more in-depth information.


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